You are a creator.

Create digital NFT collectibles, games and unique blockchain powered experiences with MetaSky.


We combine the power of art and engineering to make massive impact.

Made possible by cutting edge crypto-economics.

NFT Collectibles & Games

We create awesome collectibles and games with committed creators that resonate with unexplored cultural niches. We work on long term projects with a meaningful rasa.


We are your bridge to the Metaverse. Create custom experiences in open world metaverses. Build cutting edge VR/AI based experiences in the metaverse for your universe.

Music Industry

Finally a business model for independent artists that makes sense. We are making sustainible bottom up infrastructure to effectively support independent music artists in their journey.

Spaces for Causes

We use physical spaces around the world aimed to raise awareness about the new world of crypto-economics and the passion economy; along with raising money for social causes our community resonates with.


We are designed to grow bottom up organically, and to enable you to grow the same way.
We strongly believe that art does not need business, businesses need art. It's just a matter of the right ecosystem and the right economic system built for creators, by creators.

  • 1MetaSky Token

    Economic incentivisation mechanism to grow and sustain MetaSky.

  • 2Project Tokens

    Economic incentivisation mechanism to grow and sustain every project made with MetaSky

  • 3Derivative Instruments

    Financial wizardry to enable the next billion NFT investors to be a part of the movement.


We are a decentralized autonomous organization.

Owned and operated by the community, together.


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